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Domestic Violence Prevention:Online Services for Prisoners

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Overall, there is a distinct lack of sufficient research on the effects of counselling for Domestic Violence perpetrators, demonstrating the ineffectiveness of the current system and issues of access to such programs.The lack of opportunities for prisoners to curb their behaviour during incarceration has the potential to be improved with the introduction of more computers in prison cells. This would allow inmates greater and more regular access to supportive networks with the benefit of anonymity and without the pressures of faceā€“to-face encounters which may result in increased rates of recidivism and a continuing lack of education on the topic of domestic violence. Online counselling services such as MensLine have the potential to be integrated into the prison system to further reduce rates of reoffending. However, such services cannot be utilised without the introduction of computers into cells.

Having access to computers in cells and online counselling services also provides perpetrators with an instant connection to a variety of learning resources that can educate them to change their behaviours and attitudes towards domestic violence. Through integrating technology into domestic violence rehabilitation, there is a heightened ability to mitigate the damage to inmates through education and outside positive influence, as the restriction from accessing support is lifted. What is more, this research emphasises the need of reporting any domestic violence episode, as it is the only way to put an end to this behaviour. It is not just a matter of the individual sphere, but the states must be equally concerned with these issues and allocate more resources to rehabilitative programs. A lack of coordination among different programs and institutions in Australia is reducing the effectiveness of such programs. 

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