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Domestic Violence Prevention:Online Services for Prisoners

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Community Justice Coalition Discussion Paper: 13 December 2016

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Disclaimer: This discussion paper does not necessarily represent the views of the CJC. 


Executive Summary

  1. Domestic Violence Prevalence and Issues
    1. How Prevalent is Domestic Violence in the General Community?
    2. The Impacts of Domestic Violence on Children
    3. Profile of Offenders
  2. Programs Offered by Corrective Services (NSW)
    1. EQUIPS Domestic Abuse Program
    2. Self-Regulation Program for Violent Offending
    3. Out of the Dark
  3. Corrective Services Programs in States and Territories
    1. Western Australia: Geraldton Family and Domestic Violence Project
    2. Queensland: Ending Family Violence Program
    3. South Australia: Domestic and Family Violence Intervention Program (DFVIP)
    4. Australian Capital Territory: Corrective Services Domestic Abuse Program
    5. Northern Territory: Indigenous Family Violence Offenders Program
    6. Tasmania: The Tasmanian Family Violence Offender Intervention Program
  4. Other Domestic Violence Services Available
    1. Men's Behaviour Change Programs (MBCP) Australia
      1. Statistics
    2. Phone and online programs available outside prisons
      1. Enough is Enough Proposal
      2. Men's Domestic Violence Education and Intervention Program
      3. 1800RESPECT
      4. Relationships Australia (1300 364 277)
      5. MensLine Australia (1300 78 99 78)
      6. Men's Referral Service (1300 766 491)
    3. Risk-Needs-Responsivity Model (RNR) - USA
  5. More Traditional Support Programs
    1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
    2. Justice Action's Research Into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    3. Education/Therapy
    4. Batterer Groups and Anger Management Groups
    5. Couples Counselling
  6. Effectiveness of Programs
    1. Problems with existing programs in Australia
    2. Recidivism
    3. Limitations on Current Australian Support Services
      1. Limits on access to current support services
      2. Lack of Consistency in Australia
  7. Another Option: Online Services
    1. Benefits of Online Support Services
  8. Conclusion 
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