Open Letter to MPs and Judges: Computers in Cells


Open Letter to MPs and Judges - Computers in Cells campaign

CJC’s letter examines the overwhelming benefits of computers in cells and mental hospitals and aims to improve the detriments of the current system. Computers in cells would provide access to counselling, education and legal services for prisoners which would in turn support rehabilitation and reduce recidivism rates. Our letter addresses and disputes issues the government have with our proposal.

Our report into domestic violence found that the current system could be amended to spare 500 women and children from domestic violence and save $110 million over the last year. Furthermore, the current overdependence on mental health staff presents a serious ethical conflict of interest which would be circumvented through online counselling services.

NSW recidivism statistics – the highest in Australia - demonstrates that reform to prison rehabilitation and counselling services require an immediate and effective response from the government.

The letter has been distributed personally to 412 people in authority in NSW ranging from magistrates to High Court judges and to all MP's. Click here to download a sample of the letter



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