Media Release Dec 2017: Computers breakthrough

Friday December 1, 2017
“The Community Justice Coalition congratulates the ACT government for their use of in-cell technology over 8 years to deliver services to prisoners necessary for their rehabilitation. Currently only 39% of ACT prisoners return to prison within 2 years, compared to NSW at 50.7%. Educational participation in the ACT stands at 76.3%, more than double the national rate of 31.6%” said CJC President, the Hon John Dowd AO QC. See the ACT Computers in Cells Report just released here.
“The ACT use of secure email has been a resounding success, with 22,000 emails exchanged with 440 prisoners each week, taking 5 minutes to clear quarantine. This lessens social isolation and maintains relationships, which benefits both prisoners and their families” said former Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia, the Hon Elizabeth Evatt AC.
Ken Marslew, CEO of anti-violence organisation Enough is Enough, said “the implementation of Computers in Cells for NSW prisoners will not only be a means to reduce rates of re-offending, but will also reduce the number of victims.”
“The CJC commends the NSW government for its initiative announced in the Estimates Committee giving prisoners in-cell access to educational and legal services. We welcome its decision to implement the successful pilot and to initiate the tender process for this technology in the NSW system. We also commend NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s statement supporting greater access to technology for those who are ‘the most isolated and most vulnerable in our society’. We believe that this will help towards the goal of ‘reducing the rates of recidivism in our prison population’.” said Mr. Dowd.
Comments: John Dowd
Ken Marslew
Elizabeth Evatt by arrangement
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